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Gutter Shutter Installation in Comfrey, MN

This customer's open-face gutters in Comfrey were doing a poor job of capturing and effectively draining all of the water. These two front areas of the home also showcase miters in the corners which, if properly installed, help contain the high-speed water coming from a roof valley. After meeting with our salesman and seeing the Gutter Shutter product, the homeowner was happy to get it put all around the house!


Equipped with our wide mouth outlets, larger downspouts, and Gutter Shutter, this customer will never have to worry about the gutters again!

Fascia & Gutter Replacement Inwood, Iowa

Rain Gutter XL is a seamless 5" open-top gutter manufactured from heavy gauge .032 aluminum, one and half times thicker and stronger than a traditional seamless gutter system. The larger-than-standard gutter bottom delivers increased water handling capacity to protect your home and roof from water damage. 


Our crews installed 215' of Rain Gutter XL and eleven 3x4 downspouts on this two-story home. Before installing the gutter, 215' of j channel was fitted to the angled fascia board creating a flat, secure, and watertight surface for the new gutter system to attach.


The homeowners are happy knowing their home is protected from gutter-related water damage for many years to come!



Gutter Shutter Upgrades in Worthing, SD

When this home in Worthing, SD started experiencing leaking corner miters in several key positions around the house. With several gutters wrapping around corners an draining to the back of the home, this severely interrupted drainage. The homeowner needed a solution and needed it fast.


After receiving a quote from our office over the winter, we started moving forward with the project as the soon melted. In our first couple weeks of operation, our installation crew made the trip out to get all 158 feet installed. The most important upgrade, seen here, is our downspout improvements. Our new standard downspout would double the carrying capacity of water and quadruple the drainage from the trough with our wide mouth outlet. 

Soffit and Fascia Replacement in Vermillion, SD

A past customer from Vermillion contacted our office looking to change the color of the gable end soffit and fascia (S&F) wrap in order to match the rest of the house. The existing color matched the siding, but the white gutters were mounted on white S&F. 


After a quick visit from our Sioux Falls salesman Kiel Johnson, the measurements were taken and an exact color match was set. Just over a week later our install crew was out on the jobsite to put up brand new vented soffit with the white fascia wrap, creating a beautifully consistent color on the gable end!

Full House Replacement with Gutter Shutter in Tea, SD

These homeowner's were having several issues with their open-top gutter system. It consistently collected every leaf that fell on the roof, clogged up, and the heavy winter snows caused further sagging around the system. After being shown our Gutter Shutter product, with its incredible durability and debris-shedding hood design, they were convinced it would correct all of their issues and prevent the potential for water damages to their home. 


Compared to the old k-style system, our seamless Gutter Shutter can carry twice as much water, will never sag, brings the appearance of crown moulding, and drains much more efficiently with our wide mouth outlets. We further added heat tape to the two sections over the patio to decrease the snow and ice buildup over the winter. It was laced from an outlet above the far right door all the way through the downspout. Gutter Shutter easily accomodates heat tape installation with its removable hood.

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