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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 by Sabrina Pincombe
Gutter Shutter® comparison to traditional gutter
Gutter Shutter® vs. traditional gutter

Gutter Shutter® is the only 6" covered gutter trough that carries a lifetime warranty against clogs, leaking, and sagging on the market today! Its curved hood leads rainwater into the trough while rejecting unwanted debris. The troughs are assisted with oversized 3x4 downspouts created from the same durable aluminum as the troughs. In conjunction they quickly remove rainwater captured at the roofline and dispel far from the home foundation. 


Gutter Shutter® Install
Manufacturing Gutter Shutter®


One of our technicians comes out to fabricate and deliver the Gutter Shutter® System on-site with our patented Gutter Shutter® machine. Our crews then fit the custom cuts to your home. 


Installing Gutter Shutter®
Installing Gutter Shutter®


Gutter Shutter® is installed to the fascia boards with Gutter Stud® brackets below the roofline avoiding compromising the roof and any warranties the roof may carry. Using Gutter Stud® super strong plastic brackets, the troughs are secured in three different places: the bottom of the trough, the back of the trough and the hood. It is guaranteed to never flex, sag, or pull away. In addition, plastic brackets will not rust, corrode, or deteriorate from the elements compared to traditional galvanized steel brackets. 



Wide Mouth Adapter
Wide Mouth Adapter 

The Wide Mouth Adapter allows for maximum drainage from the large 6" trough to the 3x4 downspout. Typically, you will see gutter companies insert a downspout straight into the bottom of a gutter trough, thus losing already small, allotted space for drainage. The Wide Mouth Adapter encompasses the entire bottom of the trough creating a true 4" outlet for water to pour out. 


Finished Gutter Shutter® Install
Finished Gutter Shutter® Installation


The end result is a seamless, water-tight gutter system that blends right into the roofline and can withstand even the harshest conditions. Backed by lifetime warranties to never clog, sag, or pull away, you can have the peace of mind knowing your home is forever defended from clogs and gutter-related water damage!



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